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This thesis assess usability of the WebTalk-I framework, addresses limitations,and lays the foundation structure for WebTalk-II. It also explains whatCooperation Metaphors are.
Start from here to learn everything about WebTalk and its generalprinciples This thesis introduces the WebTalk-I framework and explain the modalitieswith which it can be used to support collaboration in visiting a virtualmuseum This thesis introduces a methodology to design and deploy collaborative3D virtual environments, using access structures modeled in XML. It alsoexplains how cooperation metaphors, as a set of atomic rules, might beimplemented on the design stage and in implementation. This thesis is mainly technical, and describes the software module whichparses the XML descriptions of the scene and builds the graphical 3D representationusing Java 3D. This thesis advocates the possibility to create a collaboration channel between mobile users using WAP technologies (cellphones) and users connection to a shared virtual environment with a regular desktop CVE system. A framework that supports this theory has been developed and evaluated. This thesis evaluates collaboration mechanisms in various CVEs, and defines and proposes a schema to specify and define collaboration patterns between users in 3D CVEs. This mode can be applied to the WebTalk-II framework. This thesis demonstrates the use of automated and pre-programmed avatars to aid navigation and exploration within collaborative virtualworlds This thesis describes the concept of behavior in webtalk-II and describes its use for the implementation of the virtual bag, an inventory interface for avatars
This thesis describes the design and development of a PDA client for the WebTalk-II collaborative Virtual Environment
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