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Name   Thimoty Barbieri
E-mail   thimoty@thimoty.it
Nationality   Italian
Date of birth   11 May 1973
    In breve:

Married, lives in Milan, Italy. Thimoty speaks Italian, English and Russian.
After studies on classical languages, Thimoty Barbieri turns to Computer Engineering and receives his MSc in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 1999. In 2003 receives his PhD in Computer Engineering and Automation at Politecnico di Milano. He is now Contract Professor / Lecturer at the Department of Electronics and Informatics at Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches Computer Graphics in MSc Courses and participates in several research groups.
Being an expert on information technologies, computer graphics and graphic arts technologies, since 1991 he works as a freelance translator for international PR companies, technical companies and customers in the field of Graphic Arts, Telecommunications, and Electronics. Thimoty translates from English into Italian, and from Russian into Italian.

Web Site  


  1. 1991 – Translations for technical tenders for AT&T Italy (Telecommunications and Network Equipment)
  2. 1991 – present day: Disc and Barco Graphics now Esko Artwork (Belgium) – Translation of technical manuals: all software products, RIPs, user manuals of hardware (plotters, converting machines). Products translated: DeskPack, FlexRip, ArtiosCAD, BackStage, Plato, Kaleidoscope
  3. 1991 – present day: Translation of Marketing communications for BarcoGraphics / EskoArtwork
  4. 1998: Translations of operator manuals for medical equipment, General Electrics Medical
  5. 2000 – present day: Marketing communications for major players in the graphic arts industry: Presstek, HP Indigo, GBC, Gradual Software, X-Rite, Gandinnovations.
  6. 2000 – present day: Translation of user manuals for GBC (finishing machines)
  7. 2000 – present day: Translations for Esko Kongsberg (Cutting Tables Operator Manuals)
  8. 2000 – present day: Translation of technical manuals for Presstek (operator manuals for press machines)
  9. 2000 – 2008: Translations of ArtiosCAD User Manuals for Esko USA (since version 5)
  10. 2006 – present day: Translations of patents for Modiano Patent Attorney, Milan (customers: Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Philips).
  11. 2006 – translations for Moscow Nautical Trade Fair

Translation Memories Used: Deja Vu X, Trados.

Academic Research  

Since his PhD years, Thimoty actively researched the area of collaborative learning and training (CSCL / CSCW), and the area of Assistive Technologies for impaired users. Using 3D interactive environments, Thimoty realized prototypes for interactive virtual museums and classrooms which have been the basis of several international experiments (the Virtual Leonardo Museum Project, Best of Web 2000 prize at Museums&Web 2000, Seattle, USA; the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum Project, implementing a virtual visit in Qumran for schools; the Learning@Europe Project; articles appeared on the New York Times and on Sun Microsystem’s Journal on the Web). The main stream of Thimoty’s research, however, has been and is nowadays Assistive Technologies applied to e-Learning and Education. Thimoty has designed and implemented a complete e-Learning platform for sensorially and cognitively impaired learners (the MultiAbile project, financed in 2004 by the Region of Lombardy, www.multiabile.it). Thimoty has recently patented a device and a method to allow blind users to explore bidimensional images in the web, and he is currently researching, together with Milan’s Institute of the Blind, applications of this method in schools for teaching geography and mathematics. He is now also collaborating with the Italian Association of Dyslexia to study and create computer tools to aid students with dyslexia at school; and with the Esagramma Center for Mental Retardation to study the impact of computer educational tools on students with mental retardation. His work with assistive technology has been recognized and endorsed by the UNESCO Institute of Information Technology for People With Special Needs, based in Moscow, Russia.

Information Technology Consulting  

Since 1998, Thimoty has also always worked as a professional consultant for domestic and international companies: he has designed and realized more than 20 different web information systems for customers such as banks, commercial and trade enterprises, governmental institutions and utility companies. He is also active as technical translator of international patents for a leading Patent Attorney in Milan.

Thimoty has taught Object Oriented Design, Project Management, and Programming in several international companies, such as the European Space Agency, COMAU Robotics, CEFRIEL, Sopra Group, Foster Wheeler, CESI., Accenture Technology Solutions.  In recent years ee has designed and developed systems for TNT Logistics, Milan's Energy Company A2A using Java / J2EE and open source technology.


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